About Us

db Creative is a Limited Edition Conceptual Design Studio, designing products which are unique, affordable, simplistic and functional. 
Each product starts as a concept of which there will be a limited number of units sold.  If the product receives enough interest, an improved version of the product will be created based on users' feedback and recommendations.    Therefore, you as the consumer decide which products we continue to create and improve for your enjoyment. 
db Creative started as a hobby project within a garage and has now scaled to a small business that is providing jobs for a small few and hoping to grow even more.    Most of db Creative's products are laser-cut from furniture grade veneer sheets and make use of additional accessories to make each products unique and push the boundaries of creative designs.  
We are extremely excited to be sharing our designs and growth with you and hope you will stick around to help us in this process. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries. 
Custom designs:  duardbateman@dbcreative.co.za
General enquiries: info@dbcreative.co.za
WhatsApp: 0691712331
PS: We love to be challenged and create new designs, therefore if you have a design in mind please get in touch and we will do our best to create it for you.